Stella Needs Your Help

We received a call from a lady that has Stella, a 10 year old Arabian mare that has trust issues and needs time to decompress, gain weight, get vetted, and then receive training. Her owner does not have the resources nor the time to get her to a point where she will be ready for a new career. We really want to help Stella, however, in order to commit to taking her and giving her the time she needs to learn to trust again, we need a monthly sponsor. Monthly sponsorship is $150 a month. This ensures that we have the funds to provide hay, grain, and supplements while Stella’s mind settles. This sponsorship will be life changing for Stella. There are additional expenses like vetting and hoof care that will need to be done soon. At some point, then she will need training. We put everything we can into each of our horses so that they are healthy, well adjusted and ready for adoption. If we can get a monthly sponsor as well as some additional funds to help cover her medical expenses, then we can offer Stella an alternative to being sent to auction. Will you help? We will gladly accept multiple smaller amount monthly sponsorships if a full sponsor cannot be found. Together, we can change the world for this young pretty mare. Please share and help if you can. Thank you.

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