Legislative Affairs Committee

The Oregon Horse Council works hard to maintain the rights of equestrians across Oregon, but with progressive movement to decrease our trail access, eliminate our land, stop the usage of animals for sport and pleasure and much more – we need to increase our voice!  We are excited to launch a Legislative Affairs Committee who will assist our board with taking a stand against the legislation that can negatively impact our industry’s way of life.  We invite you to apply to join our committee!



  • 7-11 Key Representatives that are chosen by the OHC board to service with 2-3 year terms
  • Meets via Zoom monthly/every other month (or as needed during legislative sessions)
  • Will be invited and encouraged to participate in monthly National Equine Issues Zoom calls, as well as American Horse Council legislative calls, etc.
  • Reviews local, regional, state, and national matters; drafts an OHC position; assists with submitting written and oral testimony
  • Does regular outreach to all parts of the state to gather information on potential and current issues
  • Must apply for this positions, be interviewed by the board, and will only serve at the will of the committee and board. The OHC board will be  looking for people who have the overall interest of the industry at the forefront of their goals, can neutrally look at issues, can analytically think through the best position for OHC to take.
  • Will be publicly promoted so that equestrians can reach out to them with questions or concerns
  • May work with other legislative groups (i.e. Oregon Farm Bureau, Cattlemen’s Association, other state horse councils, etc.)


As the Legislative Affairs Committee is formed, we are also working on formal group that will provide a network with equestrians and equine issues across the state, anyone is welcome to join


  • A vast collection of individuals from all disciplines, breeds, industry areas across Oregon.
  • Invited to join on Legislative Affairs meetings as listening guests (may be called upon for advice or feedback however)
  • Encouraged to provide feedback on issues, to forward issues to the Committee, and to distribute information to their network
  • Ideally this would consist of a representative from every breed association and discipline association in the state
  • Will meet quarterly via Zoom with OHC LAC ommittee and a presenter (on a specific topic)


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