Equine Health and Wellness

Owning a horse is a big responsibility and maintaining their health is a significant portion of that.  Below we have gathered key information for the most frequently needed information.   We are continuously updating this page, so check back for the latest information.


Travel Requirements:  https://www.oregon.gov/oda/programs/animalhealthfeedslivestockid/pages/animalimportexport.aspx

Common Horse Diseases – CLICK HERE

Equine Disease Communication Center (EDCC) – CLICK HERE

Equine Disease Surveillance Reports (provided by APHIS as of June 5, 2020)

Are you prepared for an equine emergency?  CLICK HERE

10 tips for preventing colic – CLICK HERE

10 Tips to help your overweight horse get bikini ready – CLICK HERE

Keep Your Doctor/Veterinarian Safe from COVID-19 – CLICK HERE

How do you manage a hoof abscess? – CLICK HERE

Facts about the equine respiratory system – CLICK HERE

What situations raise the risk of tendon injuries? – CLICK HERE

Oregon VMA Equine – CLICK HERE

TheHorse.com Vaccination Planner – CLICK HERE

AAEP Vaccination Guidelines – CLICK HERE

Adult Horse Weight Calculator – CLICK HERE

Homes for Horses Coalition – CLICK HERE

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