Forward Stride Herd Posters For Sale

Friends of Pam Taylor (and of her side-kick, Roger) have banded together to take a snapshot of the Forward Stride Herd of the summer of 2021. All production costs have been donated, thanks to Michele Fraley and to Joni Feryn of Premier Press.

100% of the funds from your purchase will go to the Financial Assistance Fund, with a specific emphasis on our Veterans. Pam and Roger have a passion for making Forward Stride services accessible to everyone, especially those that have served our country.

Order at the link below! be an image of horse and text that says 'FORWARD FASTRIDE STRIDE Alex Bennie Bjorn Buddy Cyrus Duckie CHOAAK KJ Dusty Freckles Jewel Kevyn Leia Nadia Oso Panache Pepper Pippin Rebel Rune Sindar Sterling Storm Sunny Thistle Roscoe Sapphire Tiny'

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