Why Hay Test

Hay may smell fresh and look clean but that’s not the whole story. How do you know if your hay is right for your animals?


You already know that not all hay is the same and that not every horse needs premium feed with tons of energy and protein.

How to select hay based on your horses’ needs to ensure that your animals are getting what they need?

Get a hay test. A hay analysis is the most accurate way to determine your hay’s chemical composition and nutrient value.

The data you’ll get back is useful in deciding whether a particular hay is a good choice for you horse. Especially if they have special needs, such as Insulin Resistant or Cushings, or are obese or are athletes. I think of my animals as high performance athletes that are also quite chunky.

Ideally, hay growers should have their hay test or analyzed prior to purchase, but most don’t.

Fortunately, a hay test is easy and cheap. Check with your local extension office or your vet. Both can point you in the right direction.

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