Why glycerin products are not best to clean tack with

Most riders think that using glycerin products is the best way to clean and protect your tack; in fact, it may be one of the biggest myths in the equestrian community.

Don’t worry, I understand why you think that. A ton of equestrian gurus and well-known riders and trainers are saying this is true by using and promoting glycerin products. For years I didn’t realize that they were such a no-no for my leather either.

But let me ask you…Does everyone who uses glycerin get clean, healthy, undamaged tack? No, and you could actually be damaging and shortening the life of your tack if you hold onto that belief.

Think about it. You know what most riders never realize is that using glycerin in order to clean and protect their tack is like washing your car with a bucket of dirty water and expecting it to shine. Sure, you’ll go through the motions of cleaning and maybe even get some big grime wiped off, but it doesn’t mean you’ll see the result you want…unless you want a grubby car. Have you ever gone for a while without cleaning your tack after every ride and noticed how your saddle leather feels less sticky when you touch it and even less squishy and stretchy? Quitting glycerin is like transplanting a cactus from a swamp back to the desert where it belongs – your tack can now breathe, self-regulate to a healthier moisture balance, and be stronger.

Now look, I know this may be going against the ways you’ve been doing things. But I have a question. Isn’t it more important to focus on getting truly healthy tack that will last you a lifetime instead of just trying to get it clean with glycerin?

And if you’re like other empowered equestrians, you know that when you shift your focus you’re not only giving your tack a new lease on life but are also inspiring and helping your fellow riders discover better ways.

So let me ask you. Do you really want to keep relying on glycerin products to care for your tack and end up with sticky, over-moisturized, and weakened leather? Or do you want to become an empowered equestrian with clean, healthy, protected tack that will last you for years to come?



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