What is Pippin’s Favorite Hairstyle?

A pony-tail


Good afternoon from the ponies in pasture D!

We talk a lot about our horses but we know many of you may not have had the chance to meet them “in person.” We’re going to change that! Each week for the next eight weeks you are going to be introduced to a different pasture of horses (and donkeys!) and learn a little bit more about our therapy herd. This week, we start with the ponies!



In pasture D, Sunny, Thistle, and Pippin are our sponsored herd members. We are thrilled that both Sunny and Thistle have received at least 12 months of sponsorship each! Pippin still needs a little help, however. Pippin currently only has 7 months of sponsorship and needs 5 more to be fully sponsored. That’s just $3,000! Can you help her make it all the way?


Thank you to the von der Heyden Family, the Gajewski-Collin Family, Susan Sjordal, and members of our community for your sponsorship of Sunny, Thistle, and Pippin. Want to have your name on an email and on our website? Sponsor a horse at the 6-month level or above!

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