Keep Your Doctor/Veterinarian Safe from COVID-19

As much as we would like for things to return to normal quickly, the coronavirus pandemic is still severely impacting our communities and our lives.

Situations can change very quickly because of COVID-19, and it’s our collective and individual responsibility to take whatever steps in our power to mitigate the spread of the virus — including at the barn. So as veterinarians are resuming non-urgent/elective services, and horse shows and farm appointments are picking up again, please be sure to do your part to keep equine veterinarians safe as they care for your animals.

Things you can do include:

• Wearing a face mask or cloth face covering during appointments.
• Practicing social distancing (6 feet or more) whenever practical.
• Washing and disinfecting your hands frequently.
• Communicating with your veterinarian and asking about telemedicine options and biosecurity protocols.

Some helpful resources:
• CDC COVID-19 disinfection guidelines:
• Approved disinfectants for tougher surfaces (not to be used on leather):
Equine Disease Communication Center Coronavirus fact sheet:

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