OTOBA Off-Track Oregon-Bred Thoroughbred Scholarship

The OTOBA is offering a $1,000 scholarship to promote rehoming and retraining Oregon-bred Thoroughbreds that have retired from their racing careers!

A $1,000 scholarship will be awarded annually to one person who acquires an Oregon-bred Thoroughbred who has retired from racing.  The funds are to be used for retraining the Thoroughbred to compete in equestrian disciplines or rodeo events. Eligible expenses will include the cost of lessons, clinics, travel, competition fees and entry fees.

Application requirements:

  • Applicants must submit an essay about themselves and their offtrack Oregon-bred Thoroughbred. Recent photos of the Thoroughbred and proof of ownership must be included.
  • A letter of recommendation from a trainer, instructor, or veterinarian must be included.
  • The Thoroughbred must be registered with the Jockey Club as an Oregon-bred and have been entered in at least one race during their career.
  • Applicants must be Oregon residents.

The applicant who meets all the requirements and demonstrates a strong passion and commitment to Oregon-bred Thoroughbreds will receive the award.

The winner will attest they will pursue training and competition with their offtrack Oregon-bred. They will provide the OTOBA with written updates and photos of their progress.

The OTOBA reserves the right to use the winner’s and horse’s names, photographs, and statements on OTOBA social media sites, newsletters, and website.

Previous winners will not be eligible in subsequent years.

The winner will be responsible for any federal, state, or local taxes. A 1099 will be issued by the OTOBA.

Applications may be submitted to the OTOBA until September 30th of each year. The winner will be selected and announced by December 31st. Current OTOBA Board of Directors are not eligible.


P.O. Box 17248

Portland, OR 97217 or office@oregontoba.com

(503) 285-0658

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