Oregon Volunteers in Disaster (ORVID)-Platform that Connects Volunteers and Organizations During Disasters

OregonServes would like to introduce you to Oregon Volunteers in Disaster (ORVID). As a partner in Oregon’s Emergency Response Plan for Volunteers and Donations Management, OregonServes brings you this free, innovative platform that seamlessly connects volunteers with essential disaster response organizations. Watch our video to learn more.

Why ORVID Matters:

Between the years of 2011-2021, Oregon federally declared 12 disasters, and all were related to climate (Atlas of Disaster, 2021). When disaster strikes, the efficacy of disaster relief relies on the swiftness of volunteer efforts. Until now, the process of locating and mobilizing *spontaneous volunteers has been a challenge. Enter ORVID, a system designed to connect volunteers and disaster response organizations, ensuring help to those who need them most.

*“Spontaneous volunteers are not part of a recognized voluntary agency and often have no formal training in emergency response. Spontaneous volunteers are members of the public who self-mobilize to act during or following an emergency.” (FEMA).

What ORVID Offers:

  • Volunteer App: volunteers can easily clock-in and track hours using a mobile app
  • Hours Tracking: monitor volunteer hours with automated tools and ready-made reports
  • Volunteer Waivers: collect digital liability waivers and e-signatures
  • Volunteer Profiles: personalized profiles showcase interests, skills, and impact
  • Scheduling: volunteer self-scheduling and simple tools to manage events and opportunities

We invite emergency managers, disaster response and recovery groups, and organizations involved in disaster-related efforts, to establish an organizational account with ORVID.

Why Create an Account with Us?

In addition to optimizing volunteer management, ORVID also provides the following benefits to organizations:

  • Engage with, and recruit from, a larger volunteer pool
  • Increased time and efficiency
  • Increased cost savings
  • Increased response time resulting in a bigger impact to local communities

How to Get Started:

Whether you are you ready to jump in or need more information to make an informed decision, we have you covered. Choose from the following options below:

Please note: ORVID is not intended to replace other similar systems but is being provided as an additional resource.

OregonServes was created in 1994 to provide Oregonians with a statewide entity to focus service and volunteer efforts, to enhance the ethic of service and voluntarism in the state and provide funds for state-based AmeriCorps programs. As a state commission, the role of OregonServes Commission is to promote and elevate service, volunteerism, and civic engagement in Oregon communities.

Photo compliments of Trillium Creek Training Coalition

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