How to get rid of that green growing on your leather

Sooner or later, you might experience something green growing on your boots and tack. You’re about to learn three things you can do right now to help prevent moldy tack, which is part of the healthy and science-based approach of Sterling Essentials’ all natural leather care.
Now, what most riders do is use all kinds of chemicals or keep overconditioning their tack in the hope of preventing mold, which is why they still get damaged and moldy tack. And that may be exactly what you’re doing right now. But these tips will fix all that so you can go from a searching equestrian to an Empowered Equestrian.
Prevention Tip #1: Condition your leather on an as needed basis only using the lightest amount of conditioner possible. DON’T overcondition – mold loves moisture so you must remove the habitat!
Prevention Tip #2: Clean your tack and boots regularly, ideally after every use. This limits the amount of dirt, sweat, oils, and grime on your leather that mold is just dying to find and feast on.
Prevention Tip #3: Clean and condition your leather using Sterling Essentials’ leather care products designed to naturally and safely help prevent mold by using certain key essential oils clinically shown to naturally prevent mold and mildew.
You can see how easy, healthy, and chemical-free it is to prevent mold on your leather, can you not?
But if you don’t know just how much you should be ideally conditioning your tack, then you’re going to still be susceptible to mold. That’s why you should check out our video, “How Much Should You Condition Your Saddle and Leather?”, to learn how to perfectly condition your tack.

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