Heard on the Hill – American Horse Council Legislative Update

The American Horse Council continues to establish – and re-establish its relationships and network on Capitol Hill. The pandemic detached many industries from lawmakers which inevitably hurts policy makers from understanding how industries position themselves in public policy and on legislation under review in the House and Senate – yet the American Horse Council continues to engage Members of Congress and their staffs – face-to-face. The response from Capitol Hill is worth noting – as the American Horse Council educates policy makers on issues important to the horse industry, it always helps Members of Congress to understand that the American Horse Council is a strong network for information and a valuable resource and Members of Congress have thanked the American Horse Council for embracing and advancing the relationships.

H-2B Rule Published in the Federal Register

The new H-2B Rule was published in the Federal Register this week and includes the following:

  • Supplemental visas only apply to the 2nd half cap for work April 1 through September 30. The Department of Homeland Security will only accept petitions through September 15, anything pending after October 1 will be denied
  • Any unused Northern Triangle visas will not be rolled over to returning worker visas for other countries
  • Requires enhanced recruitment for most petitions
  • The rule added a requirement to contact AFL-CIO if the occupation is traditionally or customarily unionized.

The American Outdoor Recreation Act

The American Outdoor Recreation Act – sponsored by US Senators John Barrasso and Joe Manchin, was recently approved by the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources – and has now moved on to the Senate floor for review. The bill is a bipartisan recreation package that would benefit outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking and target shooting by providing funding for new trails and recreation areas. The bill also contains language designed to make it easier for film production companies to get access to public lands by streamlining the regulatory process involved.

“America’s Outdoor Recreation Act bolsters the outdoor recreation economy and opens the doors for outfitters new and old to provide ample and affordable guided opportunities to folks from all walks of life,” said Aaron Bannon of Lander, executive director of America Outdoors Association. The bill consists of several different funding and regulatory packages, including the Federal Interior Land Media Act and the Cape and Antler Preservation Enhancement Act. The act would also establish a pilot program that would make real-time visitation data readily available for members of the public seeking to visit recreation sites on federal land, a tool that could be critical for gateway communities like Jackson and Cody.


The American Horse Council continues to engage in valuable coalition activities – most recently,

The Sports Coalition (discussion topics)

      • COVID – International Travel Restrictions
      • Fan Tokens
      • Stadium Airspace – drones
      • Tax Exempt Stadium Bonds

Sound Horse Summit

The American Horse Council continues to push for House and Senate consideration of the “Prevent All Soring Tactics” Act – the legislation has 256 cosponsors in the House and 52 cosponsors in the Senate.

H-2B Coalition

Currently reviewing the recently published Federal Register notice on H-2B visa.

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