Did your horse just do “That Thing”?

Anyone who has owned a horse has had that moment where they stopped and asked themselves, why do they keep doing “That Thing,”

Well, I just may have some answers for you.

Here are just a few examples:

Horses’ eyes can take up to 45 minutes to adjust from bright light to dark which affects their depth perception .They may feel like they are walking into a hole so they hesitate and balk at your request to move forward.

Also, it can take from 1-3 minutes for your horse to process a new though about you’d like them to do. Be patient and you will be rewarded.


When your horse does “a thing” and you are unsettled about it. The best thing you can say to yourself is, “That’s Interesting, why would she/he do that?” This leaves the mystery to be unfolded with answers based on the Equine Mandala. Their World View, how their brains work, how they process new information and learning their language through Horse Speak®. When you begin to understand what they are communicating it shifts your whole paradigm.

Horse Speak® instructors see this all the time at clinics. Everyone is relaxed, sitting around near the horses. One of the horses will come over stare at the person who is crossing their legs.

Horses really don’t like it when we do this- it makes them very uncomfortable.

When your legs are crossed, it feels to them that the person is unbalanced which is unsafe for all concerned.

In this instance, there were 5 people sitting with their backs to the arena and this palamino went to each person in turn and stood over them until they uncrossed their legs. Then he quietly walked away.

Yep, horses/animals are talking to us all the time.


Okay, the question I pose to you is,

“How important is it to you to understand where your horse is hurting, or why it’s worried, confused, and frustrated, or why it just doesn’t understand what you want.”

When your horse “acts up”, your human brain with its giant pre-frontal cortex, is likely to see that behavior and make up a story that the horse is “acting spoiled”, or “it knows better than to act that way”, or ” they never had a problem with this thing before”, etc. It is crucially important to understand that this kind of story is NOT the reality behind the horse’s behavior.

Come join us and get ready to learn “What’s Really Up” with your horse.

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