Dental Care – Why is it important?

Last month, we had a mare come in for a new patient exam and any other care she may need. Her owner had just purchased her days before with no known medical history.
Dr. Kelsey sedated her in the safety of our stocks, put the speculum in, and found this!
On the top arcade in the before image, you can visualize a huge, overgrown tooth in the front, as well as extremely sharp inside edge points on the lower arcade. This tooth had overgrown because she did not have an opposing lower tooth.
In the after photo, the goal is to safely remove the sharp points, but not compromise the grinding surface of the tooth. Dr. Kelsey did a great job of smoothing the sharp points out and reducing that sharp, overgrown tooth. With a tooth such as this, your veterinarian can only take down so much tooth at one time. This mare will need to come in for another dental again in 6-8 months to reduce the tooth further. It is important to have your dental work done by a veterinarian, as they have training in dental pathology and can make the necessary corrections safely.

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