Cleaning Tack the Sterling Essentials Method

You’re about to learn how to get your tack clean and beautiful using the Sterling Essentials method. This is really helpful because what most riders do is clean their tack using a sponge and they actually only clean a portion of their tack, which is why they still have unhealthy, sticky tack with residue build-up and that looks dull. But this video will fix all that so you can go from a frustrated equestrian to an empowered equestrian. Let’s get started!
To begin with, you’re going to want to clean your tack with a clean dry towel not a sponge. Why not a sponge? Well, think about how a sponge works. It just really moves dirt from one place to another and it’s got a tiny surface area so once it’s dirty that’s that. A towel has a huge surface area, so you just keep flipping to a clean spot as you go. Plus, you can then just toss that towel in the washing machine for next time – a smart way to be green.
When cleaning, I start at the top and work my way down one side, flipping to clean towel sections frequently. Be sure to work quickly so product doesn’t dry – because if it does that’s a surefire way to keep your tack dirty and looking very dull.
I like to clean in a shady or cooler area whenever I get the chance. As you can imagine, warmed leather opens its pores, causing it to be more susceptible to releasing its dyes. Which I know you want to avoid. Just think about the seat of your breeches after a hot day of riding in the summer.
Also, don’t forget to clean all the nooks and crannies, as well as billets, sweat flaps, and underside. Most riders miss these all of the time, which means you’ll just have tons of built-up gunk over time and deteriorate your leather. The underside is especially easy to forget, but gets covered in all of that damaging sweat from your horse – so take 30 seconds to flip it and give it a clean.
Now, if you’re like me you think that saddles are super easy to clean, while bridles are a little more work.
I used to think that too, but for years now I’ve figured out the trick. Hold a towel behind your bridle and then spray. The towel catches all the spray and voila – any easy wipe. Plus the spray and wipe makes cleaning braided reins and tooling an absolute breeze.
So once you’re all squeaky clean, you’re all set to go ahead and condition your tack – but only if it needs it. And does it need it? Well, that’s a conversation for another time!
And now you know how to get beautiful clean tack like an empowered equestrian, but if you don’t protect your tack from premature degradation then it doesn’t do you any good. And that is what most riders do, clean away without actually protecting their tack from damage. So how do you prevent premature degradation? You head to the Sterling Essentials website to find out the little known leather care secret you need to know now.

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