You Have a Responsibility to Your Horse

If you’re an Empowered Equestrian like us, and this might be you, you know you have the responsibility to care for your horse in as compassionate and knowledgeable a way as possible.
Now I’m totally with you that this doesn’t have to mean piling on all sorts of “extra” or “expensive” care, procedures, supplements, and such – you’ve still got to work within your budget and needs, right? And everyone should respect that (at least, I feel this way and hope others do, too).
However, take a moment and think about all of the day to day products in your horse’s life.
Have you fully considered what it is costing your horse if you use irritating, harsh, even potentially harmful products on or around them? And the cost to your health, too?
And I get it, it’s easy to just use what is on hand and what everyone else at the barn has used for years. I’ve totally been there and hear you – using unhealthy or counterproductive products isn’t intentional, they’re just what is sitting right there in the tack room. And who really gives it another thought? If this sounds like you, no worries, I didn’t think about it in the past, either.
But I got a huge wake up call when my horse started breaking out in hives from his leather care products. I knew I had to change, and I did. So I’m sharing my mistakes with you so you don’t have to live my pain.
So let me ask you, you can see how taking the time to only use gentle, thoughtful, healthy products in your equestrian routine is one of the best choices you can make, can you not?

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