Why Did Diego Cross the Road?

Hello from the gentlemen in pasture E!

This week we are visiting a celebrity. That’s right, pasture E is home to our very own 2019 Horse of the Year, Dee! Get to know Dee and his friends right here.



In pasture E, Diego and Sterling are our sponsored herd members. It’s pretty wonderful that Sterling has already received 11 months of sponsorship. Diego currently only has one, and would love some help! Can you help him get to a full year’s worth of sponsorship?.


So why did Diego cross the road?
Because someone shouted “hay!”

Thank you to Janet Moss, the Barfield family and members of our community for your sponsorship of Sterling and Diego. The Barfield family has a special challenge: they sponsored Sterling and want you to help get Diego fully sponsored! He needs $6,600 to get to a full year’s sponsorship. What can you give?


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