Where Does the Time Go?


I finally had some time a few weeks ago to spend with my horse. Don’t get me wrong, she lives on our property. I see her at least twice a day. But it usually involves feeding, changing blankets as often as the weather changes, grooming and cleaning her stall.

I actually had some time to groom her, snuggle and lunge her. I didn’t ride because I haven’t ridden her in months, and I just wanted to limber her up. I am getting older, she is getting older. I know I need to stretch and warm up before doing much!

What I noticed was all the white/grey hairs around her eyes. She is 15 this year. I have had her since she was a yearling. It doesn’t feel like I have had her for 14 years. Where does the time go? Coincidently, I have lots of grey hair too! But, I color mine 🙂 ! But coloring the evidence doesn’t make us any younger. We are still the age we are, we still have the ailments, still feel the aches and pains.

I think the grey hair is a wake up call. Time is short, life is short. Don’t procrastinate, do everything you can to live with no regrets.


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