What Would You Call Cindee if She Lived Next Door?

We hope you have been enjoying these introduction videos! One thing we think is pretty neat is the variety of horses that make up our herd. Just in this pasture alone we have three different breeds represented by our program horses!



In pasture H, Cindee is our sponsored herd member. She currently has less than a month sponsorship, and would love some help! Can you help her get to a full year’s worth of sponsorship by pledging $600/month? Or $300/month for a half sponsorship!


So what would you call Cindee if she lived next door?
A “neigh-bor”!


Thank you to our friends and “neigh-bors” for your support of Cindee. Want to see your name in an email and on our website? Sponsor a horse at the 6-month level or above!

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