What to look for in water bottles

While water bottles might not be as exciting as searching for the new saddle you’ve been lusting after, the choice is still an extremely important.

And in some ways, it might be one of the most important purchases you make, because it may well be the piece of gear you use most frequently over the course of its lifetime.

Here’s my tips for finding the right water bottle for you.



USE – Determining what you’ll use your bottle for can help you decide what size you’ll need. I keep a few bottles around for different circumstances. If you’re gearing up for camping, lightweight bottles are a good choice. For around the barn, or in the truck I’ve found that insulated bottles are best.

NARROW MOUTH VS. WIDE MOUTH – This debate is kind of like the question, “chocolate or vanilla?” There’s no real right answer, but there are opinions. I like both for different reasons.

Wide-mouth bottles are easier to add ice or flavoring to and they’re much easier to clean by hand. That said, we still haven’t mastered the art of taking a big gulp from a wide-mouth bottle while on the move without spilling all over our shirts.

Narrow mouth bottles are easier to drink from while you’re on the move . They’re also more likely to fit in the cup holder of your car or the side pockets of smaller backpacks. Narrow mouth bottles are harder to clean by hand, though, and ice doesn’t fit through the opening

INSULATED VS. NON-INSULATED – Insulated bottles are great when you want to bring along coffee or ice water for your commute, but they’re usually much heavier than non-insulated bottles.

PRICE – I’m willing to spend for quality equipment. Within reason. Convenience and durability are worth the cost. A trendy name. Not so much.

WEIGHT Heavier bottles tend to be more durable, but they’re also more cumbersome to lug around.

DURABILITY – A good water bottle can set you back a pretty penny, so finding one that can withstand years of adventuring with you is important.

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