What Kind of Car Does Bjorn Drive?

Hello from the party at pasture I!

We’re excited to introduce you to this rambunctious pasture of pals! We think that if these horses had gone to high school, everyone in this pasture would have been the “class clown.” Get to know these hilarious guys in this video!



In pasture I, Bjorn, Dusty and Sindar are our sponsored herd members. We’re thrilled that Sindar has already received 12 months of sponsorship and Dusty has 10 and a half. Bjorn is feeling left out, though! Can you help us provide hay, farrier work, and veterinary care by pledging Bjorn a full year’s worth of sponsorship?


So what kind of car does Bjorn drive?
A Fjord Explorer!


Thank you to Janet Stedman, the Barfield family, and members of our community for your sponsorship of Sindar and support of Bjorn and Dusty. The Barfields helped get Dusty past 10 months. Now they are challenging you to get Bjorn there too! Sponsor a horse at the 6-month level or above!


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