What Does It Mean if You Find a Horseshoe?

Greetings from the gang at pasture F!

We lovingly refer to this pasture as the “field of old men” because the geldings that live here have so much life experience to share with their riders. Learn more about these trusty guys in this video!


In pasture F, Rebel is our sponsored herd member. He currently has less than a month sponsorship, and would love some help! Can you help him get to a full year’s worth of sponsorship? Sponsorships enable Forward Stride to provide the best care possible for our herd members, including hay, grain & supplements, regular farrier work, and regular veterinary care.

So what does it mean if you find a horseshoe?
Poor Rebel is walking around in his socks!

Thank you to members of our community for your support of Rebel. Want to see your name in an email and on our website? Sponsor a horse at the 6-month level or above!

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