What a Wild Ride

This year has been such a wild ride and has shown me for certain that we are all in this together! Let’s remember this over the coming days and months following this tense election. More of us turned up to vote than ever. While Americans may hold very different political views, what unites us and makes us specifically American is our commitment to fair elections and a peaceful transfer of power. Whichever candidate wins: I will continue to work, be a good neighbor and to serve in the equestrian community. I feel extremely fortunate to have a team of amazing women to work with, the trust of my clients and community to be a resource amid the uncertainty of 2020. As the holidays and New Year rapidly approach, I can’t help but feel thankful and steadfast in my resolve to keep on keeping on and excited to see what 2021 holds in store. I hope this email finds you and yours safe, healthy and with as much faith in humanity as I’m feeling today.

This is the fifth month in a row I’m writing about the fast pace of real estate here in the Northwest with low inventory, high demand and low interest rates. Average sales prices in the Portland Metro area are still ascending and so far there are no signs of seasonal slowing like we’d normally see.

Who knows what changes may happen to interest rates in the coming months, but for now those borrowing to invest in real estate have tremendous buying power and many in the more sustainable luxury market won’t be impacted by interest rates. For now, our inventory under $1 million is moving faster than we can post listings and our more luxury listings have been moving at a slightly faster than normal rate. The unique properties we represent at the high end can sometimes take a few years to match with the right buyer.

Whether you’re buying or selling, you need a realtor who knows all the moves and how to make them fast! That’s why at Thoroughbred Real Estate you’ll never encounter a junior agent. Our team is exclusively comprised of devoted, seasoned professionals. If we can help you and especially if you’d like to add to our inventory, please reach out! We have agents serving Willamette Valley, Portland Metro, SW Washington and Central Oregon and can even broker deals without ever going to market, especially right now.


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