Trails are Common Ground – new trail etiquette program emerges

We can all do our part in making the trails places of Respect, Inclusivity, Safety, and Enjoyment for everyone. Whatever your chosen recreation activity on any given day, keep these four simple things in mind:

  • For the best trail experience possible, explore and embrace guidelines for local trails.
  • For safety, all trail users should yield to equestrians. For other right-of-way protocol, when in doubt, yield (with a smile).
  • Be accepting, inclusive, and welcoming of all identities, backgrounds, abilities, and speeds.
  • Be respectful of the history and customs of the original Indigenous and enslaved stewards of the land, and consider supporting restoration and efforts to protect the landscape.

Each individual trail activity does have its own set of etiquette guidelines. Note a few quick takeaways from each but visit our great partners to find out more.




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