The Growing Process: Why Standlee Forage is so Green

Standlee is often asked why our forage is so green, often with the false assumption that dye or coloring is utilized to keep it green. We can assure you that Standlee Premium Western Forage is never dyed or color enhanced in any way. The natural green color of the forage is persevered because of two important factors.

Growing Region

First, all of the Standlee Premium Western Forages are grown in the high desert region of the Western United States. The desert climate produces warm, sunny days with minimal chance of rain. This reduces the time necessary for the forage to lie in the field prior to becoming dry enough to bale. The shortened drying time reduces the amount of sun-bleaching and weather damage that can cause color loss in the forage.


The second factor that keeps the Standlee Premium Western Forages green is proper storage. All of the forage utilized by Standlee Premium Western Forage is stored in a manner that totally eliminates environmental damage. Baled forage is immediately removed from the field and stored in a way that totally excludes rain, snow and even sunlight. Eliminating environmental damage ensures the forage remains as green today as the day it was removed from the field.

Standlee Growing Process Infographic

Learn more about the secret to growing high-quality forage in Episode 33 of Standlee’s Beyond the Barn® podcast with guest Jason Stanger, Standlee Vice President of Ag Resources.

By Dr. Stephen Duren
Standlee Nutritional Expert – Performance Horse Nutrition

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