The Empowered Equestrian Podcast, Episode 3: Are You Living with Courage?

If you’re like me while watching the Olympics this past month, you couldn’t help but say “wow” and think about how bold and courageous each rider was in the arena and on course. Impressive, right?
Did you even wish that you’d ride that bravely some day? As you’re thinking back, I bet this probably crossed your mind, as it did mine.
But then I caught myself…What on earth am I doing comparing my “braveness” to my perception of another equestrian’s “braveness”?
It’s not a matter of whether you think you are as courageous an equestrian as someone else. It’s really a matter of whether you are courageous enough to show up for the things you want in life right now.
So do you have things you want out of life? If that’s you, then this podcast episode is for you.
Dive deeper in EPISODE 3 of the all new @empoweredequestrianpodcast with my guest, Ashleigh Kendall of @dreamtimedressage. It’s out today – so head to your favoirte app to listen!
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