Standlee has launched their new podcast, go listen!

‘Beyond the Barn’ podcast is officially live with 4 NEW episodes right out of the gate. Over a year of preparation has gone into this project to better serve you and your animals.

We get it. Life gets busy, so we’re not asking you to carve out MORE time out of your day. We want to join you in the moments you have!

Whether you’re commuting to work, out doing chores or maybe getting a ride in, bring us WITH you. All you need is your smart phone and to subscribe to our FREE podcast, ‘Beyond the Barn,’ available on all major podcast platforms (Apple, Spotify, Google).



Here’s what we’re chatting about so far:

  • Episode 2 – Get to Know Equine Nutritionist, Dr. Tania Cubitt, and What Makes Her an Expert?
  • Episode 3 – Why Is Forage Essential for Horse Diets?
  • Episode 4 – Get to Know Equine Nutritionist, Dr. Stephen Duren, and What Makes Him an Expert?
  • Episode 5 – When Your Horse Is Sensitive to Carbohydrates – Part I

Tell us what you think! Like something or want to hear a new topic? Let us know. We are all ears and ready to share what you want to know.

Episode 6 drops Tuesday, February 16th on “Strategies to Limit NSC aka Sugars & Starches in Your Horse’s Diet – Part II.” This picks up where we left off from Episode 5, discussing carbohydrates.


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