Shagya type half Arabian gelding up for adoption

Mike is an absolutely gorgeous Shagya type Half Arabian gelding who would just LOVE to be in his forever home for the holidays!
Mike came to us from a local auction, where he had been consigned along with numerous herd mates by a trader who had purchased them from a property owner wanting to dispose of a large herd running feral on his 2,000-acre property. The herd was said to consist of former dude ranch horses, who had been left behind by the former owner. Unfortunately, the new owner chose to have them rounded up and sold off to traders, who then shipped them out to various locations – auctions and feedlots in California & Oregon, and likely elsewhere. Sadly, most of the herd disappeared into the flipper-trader-feedlot-auction pipeline, and unknown fates. A very lucky few were saved by rescues, including Mike and one of his herd mates Spirit – who found their way to safety at AHRE. After recovering from a nasty case of equine influenza and completing his quarantine period, Mike was brought to our main barn where he has spent the last 13 months in rehabilitation and training.
Mike is estimated to be 16 years of age, and while he does have under – saddle training, we feel after careful evaluation in our rehabilitation and training program, that adoption as a non-ridden partner or companion horse would be best for him.
Mike has melanoma tumors, including a large one near his girth area, which interfere with comfortable fitting of riding tack. He also has some vision impairment in his right eye, and is fearful of sudden movements from behind, which may be related to his vision as well as the past traumas he has suffered.
Mike is a beautiful grey gelding, with a substantial build, standing 15.2+hh. He is an absolutely stunning horse, with a naturally exquisite movement, and is a joy to watch at liberty. Mike is wonderful in hand, and would excel at showmanship and the multitude of activities which can be enjoyed together with six feet on the ground.
We believe in the intrinsic value of horses, and honor them for the unique individuals that they are, not just for what they can “do” for us. Mike is a perfect example of a horse who we believe can have a wonderful future when the right human partners up with him, meeting him “where he’s at”, accepting and treasuring him for who he is, and celebrating the many joys to be found in a relationship with a non-riding horse.
Mike has come such a long way over the past year with AHRE, starting as a feral and frightened horse who avoided catching, haltering, and all interactions with humans – to a horse who is easy to handle for an experienced horseperson, and who is ready to meet his heart human – a person who will really “see” him, who will “reach for” him gently while honoring his needs, and help him to bring down those protective mental and emotional walls he’s built as a result of past trauma and neglect. Mike will do best with a human partner who possesses a quiet confidence, patience, and the emotional maturity to provide him with consistent, fair, and trustworthy support in all their interactions together – someone who wants to build a lasting and deeply rewarding bond with a very special equine, who values him for who he is, and who is willing to build this forever relationship on Mike’s terms and timeline.
Mike does well in his stall, but we believe he would be happiest living in a large turnout with suitable free – access shelter. He does well in a herd of all-mares, or all-geldings, but can sometimes act a bit “studdish” in a mixed herd.
We would like to thank Mike’s former and current monthly sponsors, Traci and Brian, for believing in Mike and supporting his lengthy rehabilitation and preparation for adoption with AHRE. We would also like to find a potential long term foster home for Mike, as a backup if he is not adopted into his forever home soon. Although we provide excellent quality care here at our busy facility, it’s just not the same as them being in a peaceful home environment where they can receive lots of one-on-one attention, and truly relax into this new chapter of their lives.
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