SEO is looking for a very special home for little Marion

This 13.2 hand, 6-year-old untouched pony came to us in the beginning of 2021 from a neglect case in Baker County. Taming her was a big challenge. While she was curious and enjoyed having people around her, she quickly became fearful if you got too close or wanted to touch her.

Once haltered and gaining confidence around multiple people, she was finally able to have her eyes examined by our veterinarian. Little Marion only has 50% vision in both eyes. No wonder she was so fearful! She couldn’t see us or what we were doing very well.

Over the last few months, Marion has been spending time at a stable where a trainer is regularly handling her and she is getting used to everyday life with multiple people and horses. She has made huge progress!

This adorable little mare does not have a mean bone in her body. She is curious yet shy, has a spunky side mixed with a ton of heart and is just so kind even when she is worried. Can you help us find her a home?

Marion will likely eventually go blind. We would love to get her into a marvelous new home so she can get used to her surroundings while she still has some sight. She would be the best little companion to another horse and an affectionate, rewarding horse for her special person.

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