School of Ranch Needs Your Help

We need to win two grants and they require that I raise $5K from my community to establish that we have real support.  I really hope we do.

I run School of Ranch as a volunteer and almost single handedly (with some help from Kathy Springman and Monee Gagliardo!).  These grants will help us build out time-saving software tools and an intern, both critical to my being able to keep doing this.

Two ways to help:

  • Join School of Ranch. It’s $100 (or whatever more you want to contribute).  As an added bonus, you get 20% off all workshops for a year.
  • Make a contribution of any amount.

If you have attended a School of Ranch event you’ve heard me talk about common ground, that even if we agree on nothing else, we can agree that if the gate is broken you need to fix it. So while our mission is to educate, preserve traditional skills, and support the small local entrepreneurs who run our workshops, our purpose is to bring together people regardless of politics, age, background or beliefs.

Outside of accounting, legal and insurance and a few odds and ends, all of our revenue goes to paying our workshop leaders and producers, to marketing workshops, and to buying pork shoulders for our potlucks.  There isn’t much left over.  That’s why I’m reaching out.

If you believe in what we’re doing…

If you believe that many small acts can make a big impact…

if you are tired of all the hate and division, then please pitch in.

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