Remote Online Notarization – It’s Here

Been holding off on getting a notarization done during the pandemic? That’s completely understandable. Now you have a new option for getting your notarization done safely.

During their recent special session, the Oregon Legislature passed HB 4212A, which was signed into law by the Governor on June 30, 2020. While this bill contained many concepts, part of it legalizes Remote Online Notarization (RON) in Oregon through July 2021.

What does this mean for you?

This legalization of RON means that you can go to an online RON platform to connect with a notary using a secure, cloud-based application. You’ll verify your identity, just as you would with a traditional notarization. You’ll upload any documents to be notarized and the signing process will happen during a recorded video conference of the notarization.

Consumers may use notaries commissioned by the State of Oregon or other states to complete a RON notarization on one of these online platforms.

What it is and what it’s not:

RON platforms are required to provide technology packages that meet or exceed the standards contained in Oregon laws and regulations. These include:

  • multi-factor identity verification, called Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA);
  • secure document upload and transmission;
  • secure, recorded video conferencing;
  • digital signing and stamping

Because RON notarizations are performed using an online platform, you can do your part of the transaction from the safety and comfort of your home – without being in the physical presence of the notary.

RON is not:

Notaries and consumers may not use standalone video conferencing applications (GoToMeeting, Zoom, Facetime and others) to legally complete a RON notarization. These applications do not meet the technical and security standards in Oregon law and regulation.


This is a big change – and with that comes lots of questions. Check out our YouTube video on RON for consumers, contact the Secretary of State’s Corporation Division or visit us online to learn more about Remote Online Notarization (RON).

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