PNW Equestrian Outlook

Homes for horse and rider are in high demand! If you have a property that might fit the bill and moving on would allow you new pursuits, please consider consulting with us on the sale of your property. So far in 2022, we’ve seen no increase in inventory. Demand is not subsiding and will stay strong throughout 2022. The erosion of purchasing power due to rising rates could produce pressure on prices in the short term outside of the influence of inventory. Prices above asking remain elevated over PYTD despite the slowing pace of appreciation. There is no expectation of a market-wide decline in value in the coming year.


The Pacific Northwest equestrian community is growing as people continue flocking to the region. Like all changes, this presents challenges and opportunities.

Currently, there is a lack of available boarding facilities and increased costs of goods and services equestrians rely on. While there certainly are people being priced out of horse ownership, a larger equestrian community means more opportunities for more people to engage in the love of the horse.

With so many people moving here, we see more and more wanted ads for barn help. At the same time, the pandemic disruption in horse shows gave rise to more clinics, which are a more accessible avenue for learning and growing horsemanship, no matter the discipline. This makes it possible for anyone to work in the equestrian field and learn the ins and outs of stable management and horse care.

These factors point to returns on your investment should you be considering developing equestrian facilities on your property.

As the Portland market continues with record-low inventory and
multiple buyers competing for the same home, we may be able to get you top dollar for Portland real estate likely to languish in a more neutral market.

Even if you’re not quite ready to sell today, we can still have a conversation, explore options and create a plan that makes sense to you for a transition to the home you deserve. Click below to send me an email if you’d like to talk or get answers to any real estate questions you may have.

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