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Don’t Take it for Granted.  We were awarded our first grant, to fund payment for an intern through the end of the year. Thank you Roundhouse Foundation for your generosity. And thank-you to all our members whose support made this possible. We are applying for a second grant shortly to fund the development of our financial systems.  We need to have systems in place so we can guide School of Ranch to sustainability.  

Group No More.  We are merging our Facebook group with our Facebook page, and will discontinue the group shortly.  You can keep up with us on Facebook by following our page:

You Say Goodbye, and I say Hello.  James Hettick is stepping up at School of Ranch to become our Workshop Manager.  James is currently the workshop leader for the DIY Electric series.  James is a talented instructor, photographer, and he will do a great job running our workshops. Our two college interns are moving on, literally.  Tori is heading back to NYC and Carolina, once she finishes her degree this fall, out to Oklahoma.  Oregon Trail in reverse!  Thanks to both of you for the great jobs you did.  Finally, welcome Mckaylie Capps, Central OR born, raised and educated, and our new intern.  Mckaylie steps in as our new Social Media Coordinator.  

Helping our Rescue Ranches.  We held the third in our series of fundraisers for horse rescue ranches, this one at 3 Sisters Equine Refuge.  Thanks much to Black Diamond vets Maura Mack and Persia Neumann for leading these events, which have generated over $2000 in contributions to date.  Next one in September!

Kickstarter for Ranch and Farm. AgWest Farm Credit has a new grant to help young beginning and small producers get a kick start to their operation. This grant was created for those that are not already receiving financing and open to new customers. Applications are accepted until August 31st and they are $15,000 each to new producers. Eligibility and application information is available here:

School of Ranch August Workshops

Aug 12, 15, 19 and 22.  School of Ranch presents, “Practical Welding for Ranch and Farm.”  Our to welding workshops!  Build real skills – like how to fix, reattach, and patch things made of metal.  Know the basics? Then you can learn to build things like gates, feeders and troughs. You always wanted to weld, right? Sessions held in a professional welder’s shop.  Small group – max of 6.  Everyone gets their own welder, including flex core, solid core, gas shield and TIG.

Price: $125 per session

Date/Time: Tuesdays 5:30 to 8:30pm and Saturdays 10am – 1 
Location: Powell Butte (address upon registration)
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Aug 15. The DSWCD and High Desert Food and Farm Alliance present, “Pivot Irrigation Maintenance,” produced by School of Ranch.  This workshop cuts through the hype, providing you with the tools and expertise to maintain your pivot irrigation systems effectively, reduce water usage, and ensure the continuity of your farming operations. Experts from Thompson Pump and Nelson Irrigation will lead this hands-on experience.

Price: Contribute-what-you-can
Date/Time: Aug 15, 5:30 to 8:30pm
Location: 18953 Tumalo Reservoir Rd, Tumalo, OR

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Aug 17: School of Ranch Presents, “Pressure Canning – Learn to Do it Right.” Mishandling pressure canning can lead to harmful bacteria in your food. Protect yourself and your loved ones from food-borne illnesses by using the proper canning techniques you will learn at this workshop.  After you attend this workshop you will be able to

  • Choose the right canning process
  • Make adjustments for altitude
  • Choose and maintain the right pressure canner
  • Move step by step through the canning process

Price: Contribute-what-you-can

Date/Time: Aug 17 6:00pm-8:00pm

Location: 12517 SW Lariat Rd. Powell Butte

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September 7: “Horse Attunement: A Trust and Connection Workshop,” presented by School of Ranch and Heartspace Horse Sanctuary.  Did you know that your mood affects your horse? Attend this workshop and learn to use mindfulness practices to set the stage for an effective, attuned relationship with your horse, regardless of discipline or level of experience. Receive training from experts and practice unmounted exercises to help you build trust and connection. After this workshop you’ll be able to prepare yourself to interact and then engage with your horse as its partner in fun, not master in chief!  Proceeds benefit School of Ranch and Heartspace Horse Sanctuary.

Price: Contribute-what-you-can

Date/Time: Sept 7 5:30 to 8:30

Location: 3867 Northwest Way Redmond, OR

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Coming in September!

  • Food Preservation – Fermentation with Worthy Garden Club
  • Equine Attunement – Work with your horse in ways you never thought possible!
  • Electric Fencing – Repair and install this versatile fencing!
  • Animal Health and Nutrition – A new workshop series in partnership with Purina

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