New Website to Help Reunite Owners with Animals Displaced by Wildfires

Today, ODA launched a website to help reunite owners with their animals displaced by wildfires.
ODA is asking those who are caring for animals without an owner to send us information so we can add that animal to the database serving as a hub for lost animal listings. Simply email us at
The email must include the following information:
  • Shelter Name & Location
  • Shelter Phone Number
  • Shelter Email Address
  • Location where animal was found (as much detail as known)
  • Species
  • Color
  • Sex
  • Picture(s) of animals
  • Livestock – Left side, Right side, Face/head, any identifying marks (brands, scars, ear tags)
  • Pets – Left side, Right side, face/head, back
If the shelter, private citizen or group cannot collect and email the info, please call ODA’s Brand Inspection program at 503-986-4685 for help.
This database is not meant to replace existing county shelter websites or private groups social media outreach, it is intended to be an additional tool.

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