New & Improved Horse Microchip Look Up Website

Microchips are extremely important for keeping your horses safe. Many animals reunite with their owners thanks to their chips. A microchip is a great way to guarantee identity and facilitate fair competition. The American Horse Council and AHC Foundation are happy to support this through two different programs. First, thanks to the great support of our member Equine MicrochipID, the AHC offers free microchips to horse owners. Second, the AHC is proud to debut our updated horse specific microchip lookup tool, a website helping owners, competitors, rescuers and law enforcement correctly identify horses.

The microchip is the first part, but your horses microchip number is only half of the journey. The second part requires that number being registered with a manufacturer registry and/or your breed/competition organization. If you know the horse’s specific microchip ID number, you can contact the registry and make sure your info in their database is current.

If you don’t know the registry, but you have the microchip ID number, you can use it to search the American Horse Council’s microchip lookup tool. This can provide you with the name of the manufacturer so you can contact them. We just completed a new update to the search tool and are providing the most comprehensive information available for micro chipped horses in the United States.

The tool,, is a great chance for you to lookup who your horse is registered with, and update that information as needed. It also contains the link you need to sign up for free microchips. Please contact the American Horse Council for more information about microchipping your horse.

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