Perrydale Trails

Perrydale Trails

Trail Riding Opportunities, Trail/Obstacles Courses

On your first visit, I will ride with you on a brief tour so you’ll know all about our courses. During this time, I’ll invite you to ride over some obstacles while you’re with my been-there, done-that calm trail horse.

Besides having practically every obstacle imaginable in a beautiful setting, you can dry-camp here to further enjoy all that we offer. It’s peaceful, quiet, and safe. We have available four sturdy pens with nearby water. You can camp close to your horses, and restrooms are close. You’re also welcome to bring your own pens. Camping here offers faraway visitors the chance to be here, and for those who want extra obstacle practice, staying here for two or three days works perfectly. And then, there are many who just want some quiet get-away horse time at a pretty place. Perrydale Trails fits that description! Camping fee is $20/night/per horse trailer.

For the rider who wants to learn more, I offer individual riding instruction for you on your horse @$45/hr. We start with basics and advance as far as you’d like. If you’d like to gain confidence and learn on one of my well-trained horses, it is $90 for 1 1/2 hours.

For the novice trailrider/ horse, I’ll help you with basic obstacles and horsemanship improvement. Then we’ll ride out together on the courses. ​$60 for a 1 1/2 hour lesson.

I try to get photographs of everyone who rides here. I edit and email the best pictures to you, free of charge.

Level: Basic


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