Meet Teal Shoop, owner of Sterling Essentials

If you’ve been hanging with us for a while, you may have already met me. But I’d love to welcome you and introduce myself.
My name is Teal Shoop, and I am the CEO and chief cook and bottle washer at Sterling Essentials. Together with my fearless husband, I founded and own SE, and we LOVE it! It’s so awesome to be able to meet you, fellow riders from around the world, and be a part of our sport in ways I never imagined thanks to my biz.
Just like you, I’m a self-professed horse lover. And I’ve been horse crazy for as long as I can remember. When did you have your first horse ride?
I had my very first lesson when I was 7, a birthday present for my parents. I still remember sitting atop the quiet bay QH gelding, O’Malley, and smelling the warm round pen dust on that sunny summer evening and the heady horsey fragrances. Isn’t it amazing how you really remember smells?
As a kid I rode a little western and a little english. Lessons were scarce in my area, so riding faded from my life by my early teens. It wasn’t until my husband got me saddle seat lessons while we were living near Savannah, Georgia that I got back into the saddle….and things just took off from there.
When I moved back to the PNW (I’m originally from Leavenworth, WA), I took up the “adult ammy” mantle of the hunter/jumper world. Let me tell you, I think my trainer wore our her vocal chords trying to get me “off my pockets” and onto my thighs when I transitioned from saddle seat to the hunters. LOL! I just love that the learning never ends when you’re into horses, don’t you agree?
Since then, I’ve worked with three gorgeous geldings at various times over the last decade: Pierre, Ro, and Rabs. You’ve no doubt seen each of them gracing our posts, and each of those boys were an incredible blessing in my life. I’m sure you can relate, can you not?
And as far as life goes beyond the barn….I love music, reading novels, baking bread, getting outside to nature whenever I can, and spending time with my beyond fabulous family. And I can’t wait to see what comes next in my equestrian journey! Thank you for being a part of it! xoxo – Teal

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