Meet Ryann Reinhofer with Thoroughbred Real Estate

Whether you know some of us or not, we wanted to introduce our growing team. In order for you to know us a little better, this month we’re sharing about how and why we do real estate and what the past year has been like personally as well as professionally.

Q: How did you get into real estate?

Ryann: My mother had bought/sold several properties across the country and always had a keen sense of finding a good deal. I’d grown up as an equestrian but realized I needed to shift into a career that wouldn’t land me into the hospital.

Q: What about you do you think makes you cut out for this work?

Ryann: Extreme work ethic, attention to detail and type “A” personality.

Q: What’s the biggest change you’ve experienced over the past year and a half?

Ryann: My day-to-day didn’t change too much, but I have missed relaxing in the valley’s various lowbrow bars and maskless people watching! On a slightly more serious note, all that’s happened and happening with the pandemic and wildfires has really shown me to value people and friendships above all else. The world can change on a dime. I notice myself feeling more gratitude across the board!

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