Is it more important to you to be right? Or to be at peace?

How often do you feel the urge to be right?  To convince someone or something, even yourself, that you are right?

If you’re like most people, this probably happens pretty regularly. And I totally get it because overcoming my desire to be right or to always get my own way has been one of my most challenging lessons to learn and embody.

In this episode, you’ll learn why it is you feel so compelled to be right or to always get your way.

But even deeper than that, have you fully considered what being right is costing you?

Because guess what…your need to be right is actually pushing away what it is you hope to gain by being right.

And what exactly do you hope to gain by being right? Perhaps you feel that it is money, a new customer, or something owed to you by a business associate or client.

And you’ll discover that spending your energy and attention on being right is robbing you of the real and much bigger gain than these things you desire. It’s robbing you of the most important thing you can have.


So go ahead and listen to this new episode now and see for yourself how releasing your urge to be right will help you enjoy a calmer more fulfilled life.

Remember: You can either be at peace or you can be right.
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