How to Help Mitigate Loss After the Wildfires

I have been thinking a lot on how we can help now that most animals are moved home and the evacuation areas aren’t expanding.
We decided to come up with a list of things you can do to help mitigate loss in the situation of a fire or other disasters, since we specialize in Equine and Farm insurance.
1. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE INSURANCE. Know your policy number and be on first name basis with your agent. So you have someone to reach out to in the situation you need information.
2. Reach out to your agent and make sure you have everything up to date. Farming and horse operations are ever changing and should be reviewed once a year at least. We are offering insurance reviews as well, with no obligation to get quoted with us. We just want to see you, your family and animals covered.
3. Have a plan for yourself and boarded animals in the situation you need to be evacuated. We also can’t stress enough how vital it is that you teach your horses/animals to load.
4. Have your important information, SSN Card, Birth Certificates and vital documentation in a fire safe or together so you can take it with you when you evacuate.
5. Shop local for insurance agents. If you are purchasing insurance from an out of state company, you’ve never met your agent and they’ve never seen your operation, there’s a good chance there could be holes in your insurance policy.
6. Read your exclusions portion of your policy and know it inside and out so you know what you are covered for and what you are not.
We have seen so much devastation these past few weeks. We are trying to help prevent more. We are offering free insurance reviews. Our target market is equine facilities and farming operations, but we offer many other kinds of policies including homeowners, auto, life, commercial, equine and farm.

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