How to Change a Tire on Your Horse Trailer


Flat or blown tires happen to all of us. How well we’re prepared for such a thing that will determine whether or not the day is simply delayed or becomes much worse.

How to Change a Tire on Your Horse Trailer is easy and here’s how we do it.

Video Chapters:

0:00 How I handle my horse trailer tire travails

1:40 The Tools

5:16 Changing the Tire

7:10 How a dead Greek guy can help loosen a stuck lug nut

8:07 A safer way to lift a trailer


Walla Hi County Park, Wisconsin –

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9 Tire Changing Tools:

Roadside Triangles – for being seen if you have to change a tire on the side of the road. Get at least 3 of the DOT approved ones. –

Reflective safety vest – for being seen if you have to change a tire on the side of the road. –

Wheel chocks – for keeping the vehicle from rolling when you don’t want it to. –

Trailer aid – for an easier way to lift a trailer for changing a tire. –

Lug wrench – for changing a tire –

Can of Fix a Flat – for a temporary tire fix until you can get into a repair shop. –

Gloves – for keeping your hands in one piece while you’re making repairs. –

Tire pressure gauge – for making sure your tires are ready to roll. –

Portable air compressor – for inflating a flat the easy way. –

World’s Largest, and only accurate, guide to horse trails and camps! –

The Steps of Changing a Trailer Tire

  1. Find a safe place to pull over where it’s flat – Find a flat, stable and safe place to stop your truck and trailer from rolling. If you’re near a road, make sure you’re as far from traffic as you can get. Turn on your hazard lights to alert other motorists. Set out safety triangles. And put on that hi-visibility vest.
  2. Keep the horses in the trailer. It’s safer for the critters than letting them out with cars whizzing by.
  3. Check air pressure on spare.
  4. Remove the spare and set near the bad tire so is easy to get when needed
  5. Set Trailer Aid next to good tire on same side as bad tire
  6. Loosen lug nuts on bad tire while it’s still on the ground
  7. Pull or push trailer so that good tire is on the raised jack stand and bad tire is elevated
  8. Finish Removing lug nuts and the bad tire
  9. Install spare tire and tighten nuts
  10. Roll off of jack stand
  11. Finish tightening lug nuts.
  12. Put everything away
  13. Get back on the road and to the trails!


Knowing How to Change a Tire on Your Horse Trailer is an important skill for anyone towing any type of trailer.

It’s a good idea to practice changing your trailer tires at home to ensure you’re ready to handle the situation when it happens to you.

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