“Horse Sense” Evokes New Year’s Goals

“If you do something you just learned RIGHT, 3 times, MOVE ON…”

We’re often led to believe we should be doing a certain thing with our horses in a certain way, at a certain level, in a certain amount of time… from beliefs congregated from past experiences, memories and acquired knowledge through our lifetime…BUT…

  • What has really come from you?
  • How has your environment influenced you?
  • Is it truly what you believe and what you want?
  • What really gives you fulfillment?

These are important questions when setting goals for a whole new year…

We want to THANK those we love, who love us and our horses (and one little donkey); our teachers, mentors, friends, enthusiasts, supporters, donors, volunteers, employees, KIDS and over the DECADES of our lives (because we’re getting pretty far along!), all those who have taught us to SURVIVE, bringing us to THIS NEW YEAR, helping us CREATE TCTC!

You are ALL in our hearts as we carry on, doing GOOD THINGS.

We’re digging out and redefining our beliefs going forward, focusing on WHAT GIVES US JOY… taking stock of our current dreams and ambitions, CHALLENGES; what we hope to achieve, and our goals.

We’re examining our daily, weekly, monthly and yearly activities around our horses. How do they differ from our more youthful ambitions?

What activities make us lose track of time and get lost in “the flow”? How do those things translate to our life now?

What’s required to achieve our goals? Do activities match what we want NOW?

Of all the activities in our list, the ones we’re doing and the ones we “should” do to achieve our goals, what do we ENJOY MOST doing? Which give us FULFILLMENT?


Once we know, we can create the path that suits us…by CHANGING our activities to IMPLEMENT those characteristics which feed our soul and create energy…

Looking at our INFLUENCERS…how we perceive ourselves as horse people and our beliefs regarding what we’re striving for…

BEING TRUE TO OURSELVES. Living OUR DREAM, not someone else’s. How should we IDEALLY spend our time?

Evaluating our answers to all these questions, we’re looking for similarities and how they’ve influenced our beliefs, goals and activities…and how they influence our time with our horses…

We can BUILD ON OUR SUCCESSES on our own, ONE STEP AT A TIIME…without letting social influence dictate or lead to comparing where we “should” be, when working with our horses…

Our horses will tell us where they are and how we can work WITH THEM to achieve mutually beneficial trust and relationship.

We are blowing out the old or false and blowing in the new and true… Limit things if they’re not SERVING US or DOING GOOD for our horses…

We’re making sure to use the POSITIVE influence from previous experiences with other horses in our past, moving forward…because what matters is IN THIS MOMENT…IN THE NOW…not what happened yesterday or MIGHT happen in the future… The real truth comes from our horse in the PRESENT moment. We know what feels GOOD.

We’ll subscribe to sage advice:

  • No one ever got poor from doing GOOD!
  • Horses ALWAYS tell the truth…
  • Follow your OWN journey and BE HAPPY!
  • Stop on a GOOD NOTE.
  • Tomorrow IS ANOTHER DAY.

THANK  YOU, once again, for being part of TCTC’s JOURNEY…We’re sending all our best for YOUR NEW YEAR!


PHOTO BY: Kimry Jelen


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