Have you ever seen a horse drink water from the bucket’s point of view?

Water is the most vital nutrient for a horse. A horse’s daily water requirements are influenced by age; body condition; the amount, type and quality of feed consumed; fitness level; and activity level. Other factors influencing a horse’s water consumption include the temperature, as well as the freshness, purity and palatability of the available water.

An idle, 1,100-pound horse in a cool environment will drink 6 to 10 gallons of water per day. But depending on the temperature and on the conditions in which the horse is exercised, the total water intake can increase up to 30 gallons per day.

The take-home message: all horses need clean, good-quality water at all times. Outdoor water troughs should be cleaned at least every couple of week to remove debris and algae; stall water buckets should be emptied and rinsed daily. If you have an automatic water system, be sure to check it daily as there could be a malfunction that would result in your horses not getting adequate amounts of water.

For more information on horses and water, visit our website at https://aaep.org/horsehealth/cool-clear-water

Video courtesy of Конная Россия




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