Ginger – Available for Adoption or Long Term Foster

Ginger is a stunningly beautiful and sweet Special Needs purebred Arabian filly who would absolutely LOVE to be in her permanent adoptive home or long-term foster home for the Holidays!

Ginger came to us last December, along with her sister Mazie, from their owner who was struggling to care for them. She has spent the past year in our rehabilitation program, and has really filled out and blossomed into a very eye catching and kind four-year-old! Her registration application has been submitted to AHA, and we expect to receive her papers soon.
We feel that Ginger will be a strong candidate for In-Hand and Liberty work, enjoying the countless activities which can be shared with her human partner with 6 feet on the ground. Due to an abnormality in her shoulder, she has missing connective tendon / tissue and is developing severe localized arthritis. We will probably never know whether this was caused by a genetic / developmental issue, or whether she suffered a serious traumatic injury very early in her life. Whatever the cause, we love and value her exactly as she is, and we know that her special heart human will find her, and feel the same way.
Her adopter will need to be willing to provide Ginger with supplements and / or medications, as well as exercise / therapies as recommended by their veterinarian during her lifetime, to manage her comfort level and mobility. There may come a time when Ginger can no longer be kept comfortable and moving freely due to deterioration in her shoulder, so she needs an adopter who understands this, and will responsibly make decisions for Ginger’s welfare throughout her lifetime.
Ginger currently has a very good quality of life, enjoys her turnout time, and is always friendly and curious during groundwork. She loves to have her neck gently stroked, and is a very responsive and willing student. We are seeking a very special permanent adoptive home or long-term foster home for Ginger, with a person who is committed to actively working with her on building her skills and confidence level on the ground, as well as actively and proactively managing her physical condition. She is also in need of a monthly sponsor!
Ginger is just approaching her fifth year of life, so she’s still a growing youngster, physically, mentally, and emotionally. She can be reactive and high strung at times, so she requires a handler with strong skills, a very quiet and calming manner, and a confident but light touch. Like many rescue horses, she needs a human partner who has the emotional maturity to provide her with consistent, fair, and trustworthy support and leadership in all their interactions together – someone who wants to build a lasting and deeply rewarding bond with a very special equine, who values her for who she is, will meet her where she’s at, and who is willing to build this strong relationship on Ginger’s terms & timeline to create that lasting bond and to achieve training goals.
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