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There’s turpentine in some of those big name leather care products…😬

“I got so fed up with all the chemicals I threw my fancy expensive European tack cleaners and conditioners in the trash and created my own.”

Calling all conscientious equestrians that believe in taking the best possible care of your horse!

If you or your horse have ever been physically irritated by a product on the market or wished you could find healthier, better, and all natural products, you’ll want to keep reading.

I’m Teal Shoop – Co-Founder of Sterling Essentials. Like you, I’d always thought those big name leather care products were safe and actually good for my leather.

So imagine my surprise when I learned that many contain things like petroleum, icky chemicals – sometimes even turpentine!

No wonder my horse used to break out in hives.

I mean you know how the products get all over your hands when you’re cleaning your tack after your ride, right? Have you ever fully considered that your body is absorbing those toxic chemicals?


And you’re probably already realizing that they also get on your horse when you tack up.

So let me ask you, would you rub those big name leather cleaners and conditioners all over your horse or your own face and body on purpose?

Which is just one reason why I only use all natural, vegetarian, and food-grade ingredients.

And I’m not saying you should do this, but heck, some riders even use my leather conditioner for chapstick, it’s that safe!

Plus, Sterling Essentials contains powerful pure essential oils specifically chosen to help you prevent mold and mildew – all so you never have to use harsh chemicals that damage your tack and harm you and your horse again.

Because it’s not just a matter of having clean tack, right? It’s also really a matter of having your tack last you a very, very long time.

And have you fully considered how the harmful ingredients in those big name brands may actually be shortening the life of your leather?

With a pH specially formulated to match your leather, Sterling Essentials is designed to prevent premature degradation and help your tack give you joy and use for many more years to come.

Just like me, I know you certainly invested A LOT in your tack, so you can see how it is well worth it to give it the premium care that will help extend its life, can you not?

You can keep on using those leather care products with the turpentine and all the other harsh ingredients if you want…or you can make the shift to life-extending tack care made with pH formulated, all natural vegetarian ingredients.

Liberate yourself and your horse with Sterling Essentials.

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