Equipment Rental Program Is Open for Business

The Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District offers an Equipment Rental Program which makes a variety of agricultural equipment available at reasonable prices to Clackamas County residents. Popular items include our no-till drill, fertilizer/lime spreader, and manure spreader. These tools can help landowners achieve their pasture and soil health goals. Healthy pasture means improved forage for livestock and increased hay yields.

This program was originally created to provide hard-to-find equipment to help farmers and land managers conserve soil and water. This equipment is typically not available through other rental agencies and is often too large an investment for farmers who may only use it once or twice a year. The Conservation District recognizes that our agricultural producers have the ability to be our very best conservationists by keeping their land in production using good stewardship practices. This is one way we can help!

Our no-till drill is a popular rental item.

Equipment Rental Program Includes:

  • 7′ No-till drill
  • Fertilizer/lime/sand spin spreader
  • Manure spreader
  • Harrow
  • Box scraper
  • Aerator
  • 3′ Seed drill

A complete list of equipment, their specifications, and rental rates can be found here:

Landowners outside of Clackamas County are also eligible to rent equipment for a slightly higher rate.

For additional information about the Equipment Rental Program, please email or contact the District at 503-210-6030.

WeedWise Tool Library

The District WeedWise program also has a selection of weed removal tools available free of charge for landowners to borrow. A list of equipment available through their program can be found here.

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