Equine Gender Bias Survey

My name is Payton White, and I am a Master’s Candidate in Animal Science at Sul Ross State University. I have spent time as both a student and teacher in multiple regions and equine disciplines around the United States, which has prompted my interest in investigating the impact of stereotypic gender bias in the equine industry.

This Qualtrics survey is intended to collect data on the preconceived bias from humans towards animal gender in the equine industry, and the effect it has on horses and their owners. This survey will be utilized as the first component of research for my thesis project. I recognize that your participation and support is entirely voluntary, so any and all is greatly appreciated.

Please feel free to forward this survey to those you know are involved with the equine industry in some way. If you have any questions regarding the study in question, please reach out to me via email – pxw22fi@sulross.edu.

The link below will take potential respondents to the survey consent form.


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