Empowered Equestrian: Your Business, Your Rules

Have you ever had to negotiate a business contract or communicate to your partners, employees, or loved ones some expectations you have?

Of course you have – as entrepreneurs, we all have. It’s just a daily part of life really, isn’t it?

But what about when business contracts go sideways? When others aren’t doing what they’ve committed to you?

This is when it can start to feel uncomfortable and frustrating, right? Because you may feel like the contract was clear, everyone agreed and understood, you’ve been communicating your needs well.

So how is there now this disconnect in your relationship?

In this episode I talk about one of the biggest reasons why these disconnects and unmet expectations happen to you, as well as how you can navigate them while still holding onto your power.

And when you have this awareness, you’ll now find it easier in the future to identify aligned business partners and to successfully manage those relationships.

So go ahead and listen to this episode now to discover all of this for yourself.

Remember: Your values define your boundaries.

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