Draft Bob & Crystal Rilee Park Master Plan now available

CPRD has released the full draft master plan report for Bob and Crystal Rilee Park. Click here to visit our webpage with details on this park project and to  download the draft plan as a PDF. The Board is anticipated to continue discussions at the April and May meetings and vote to approve the plan at the June 27th meeting. 

Master Plan Process Update – April 2024

CPRD has released the full draft master plan report for Bob and Crystal Rilee Park to the Board of Directors and the public (You can download from this webpage now.). The Board is anticipated to discuss it at the April and May meetings and vote to approve the plan at the June 27th meeting. 

At its regular meeting on Feb. 22nd, the Board agreed to take more time to review and discuss the proposed master plan and feedback on the plan which it had received from the focus group before putting its adoption to a vote. 

At the Jan. 25th Board meeting, parks staff presented the Board of Directors with main components of the updated, preferred alternative proposed master plan (including fire and emergency response plan) and comments on it provided by the focus group. (These materials are available at right and bottom of this page.) CPRD and NV5 are in the process of making final refinements to the proposed master plan.

Effective Nov. 1: Bicycles (e.g. mountain bikes) will no longer be permitted at this park. Trails will be open to hikers (pedestrians) and horseback riders (equestrians) only going forward after that date. This was based on a decision that the Board of Directors passed at their meeting on Sept. 28th; the motion included direction to staff to find a different location suitable for mountain bikers. Stay tuned for updates on that progress. 

Effective Oct. 1: Seasonal restrictions: In order to protect the conditions of trails, horseback riding is not permitted at Bob and Crystal Rilee Park during the rainy season. This restriction is now in place for fall and winter. There is no set date of when horseback riding may resume in spring; CPRD Parks staff will assess trails and weather conditions in spring and announce then when horses may return to the trails. Check the website and watch for updates in your email inbox. Meanwhile, dedicated hikers, don your rain gear and get outside!

The masterplan development of this park property is underway, led by NV5 and its Landscape Architect Jon Champlin. We anticipate the completion of a draft by the end of 2023. We thank the public for their continued comments and feedback during the process.

The public is welcome to continue enjoying the park’s trails as the masterplan is being developed. Walking/hiking trails are open year-round. Horseback riding is allowed on trails during the dry months. CPRD hosts occasional small recreational events on the property under a conditional land use permit from Yamhill County. The farmhouse is not open to the public at this time.


September 2023 – CPRD and NV5 presented three DRAFT alternative concept master plans for Bob & Crystal Rilee Park to a focus group in September. The findings were presented to the Board of Directors at its Sept. 28, 2023 meeting. These draft concepts can be viewed at right and bottom. 

June 21, 2023 – Open House on the future of the park, kicking off the masterplan process (See presentation PDF at right.)

2019 – A Board-appointed advisory committee completed its charge and submitted recommendations to the CPRD Board of Directors. 

2016 – WHPacific completed an Environmental Site Analysis.

2014 – CPRD acquired the property through a combination of accepting a legacy land donation and outright purchase.


CPRD acquired this property as a combination of legacy donation and outright purchase. The purchase of Parrett Mountain Farm from the Crystal Dawn Smith Rilee Foundation was completed on Jan. 29, 2014. This transaction was part of the Crystal Dawn Smith Rilee Foundation’s generous legacy property donation to Chehalem Parks Foundation, valued at more than $6 million. The Rilee Foundation donated over $6 million worth of land to CPRD in exchange for the $280,000 purchase price for the 327 acres of property on Parrett Mountain.*

“This decision to give the land to CPRD was made by the foundation as a positive answer to the best future interests of the community, following the wishes of Crystal Rilee to benefit people and allow them to enjoy the land she’d acquired,” said Mary Dugan, vice president of the Foundation. “Crystal wanted people to enjoy the land and the beauty of nature there and was adamantly against any future residential or business development on the property, so she would be very pleased to have it become a park.”

The mission of Chehalem Park and Recreation District is to connect and enrich our community through parks, recreation, open space, natural resources, and educational opportunities. It is the intention of CPRD to fulfill its mandate to the public in the development of this wonderful property into a robust, enjoyable park which serves the needs and desires of various park users, from hikers and picnickers to equestrians and mountain bicyclists. No limitations were placed on CPRD’s use of the property as a public park in the terms of the purchase. CPRD currently leases part of the property to a farmer.

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