Change, even the smallest change, is how we improve and evolve

Change, even the smallest change, is how we improve and evolve our equestrian sport and our world.

As riders, it’s how we help our horses thrive. It’s how we break free of outdated ways and help our sport and community grow. And because you’re reading this now, I know deep down that you probably feel this way, too.

But the horse world is set up to keep us all “doing things the way we’ve always done them.” You must wear these clothes; use these products; follow these traditions – because that is how it is done – or feel judged and like an outcast.

And you’ve felt it, right? I’ve felt it. All of us have felt this ugliness.

So to avoid this we continue to spend tons of money just to “look right” and “fit-in”…to buy counterproductive, even harmful, products and methods because it is “what is expected”. And so we stay stuck in the system and this vicious cycle.

How much stronger would our equestrian community be if we embraced new ideas and cherished rider individuality?

Imagine the joy you would feel if you could pursue all of your riding dreams free of the anxiety and pressure of penny-pinching to afford the “expected” ways?

Imagine the positive energy you’d feel at your barn and in the show ring if all riders felt they could always be themselves, felt they could decide for themselves, and felt accepted.

And that’s what Sterling Essentials stands for.

My mission is to empower equestrians just like you to leave outdated ways behind so that you can expand the health and wellness of your horse and yourself and live more JOY.

I believe in raising you up and helping empower you to live your passion and dreams. We will do this together by disrupting the outdated ways that are keeping us, our horses, and our sport as stuck in the mud as your wellies in the paddock after downpour. And together we will all grow and thrive.

If you believe in growing and thriving, then commit to yourself to make a small change to your equestrian routine today that will help you leave behind and disrupt an outdated way.

You’re not alone and together we lead the way!

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